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Education and training


  1. Road safety Education to all road users.

According to the latest WHO data Road Traffic Death in Pakistan is 15.55 per every one hundred thousand population while many thousands are the injured/disabled victims which are an alarming figure.  But Pakistani community has not taken the call of WHO seriously and nobody pays attention to the situation. The United Nation   has jointly declared the current decade (2011 to 2020) as “Decade of Action” in the world to drastically cut down the accident. So the government of Pakistan must also fulfil its obligation as every member country is liable to fulfil the commitment made to the United Nation as per resolution no. 64/2551 of March 2010  of the General Assembly, so we must double the efforts to achieve the target within specified time as the time for "Decade of Action" is passing very fast and we have entered in 2015 but our institutions are still  not thinking  about Road Safety measures.
The Government of Pakistan is providing medical treatment to thousands of injured/disabled persons who piles up in hospitals due to road accident and billions of rupees are the expenditures in this respect which are unbearable for a developing country. So to avoid the bulk-up of injured persons in hospitals preventive measures are required to adopt with immediate effect for as whole the society and government machinery is being disturbing,. The government of Pakistan must allocate sufficient budgetary funds for enhancement of road safety education in Pakistan.

  1. Training:-  drivers,  professional drivers, cyclists, pedestrians.

Road user behavior is required to be changed through sustained or increased enforcement of laws and standards, combined with public awareness/education to increase seat-belt and helmet wearing  and to reduce drink-divining, drug driving, over speeding and other risk factors. There must be a proper road safety course to be imparted to a new driver before driving training. The professional drivers must have more intensive training before coming on roads while common citizens (cyclists, pedestrians) also need to give awareness. SARSAL Road Safety has prepared proper Road Safety Course as of other developed countries fulfilling the requirement of UNO/WHO for the training of private drivers (Motorbike and Car) and professional drivers (Auto-bus, Truck, Ambulance, Fire Brigade and special vehicles).  These Special training courses have started  in our standardized Driving Training Centers through-out the country and in drivers training institutes already established by the Motorway Police and Traffic Police. We ensure to make available this comprehensive training course in different local languages to understand easily by common citizens. There are hundreds of offences made by common road users which are required to be rectified through a proper road safety course. Examples of Some important errors used to be done by common citizens  are as under for information of public and respective authorities:-

  1. Road users not take sufficient knowledge and skill for circulating on the roads.
  2. Driving without licence or even in underage.
  3. None maintenance of vehicle.
  4. Lack of the use of seat belts.
  5. Not use of helmets by motorcycle rider.
  6. Not use of helmets by motorcycle passengers (No law is available for him)
  7. Motor Cycles are also overloaded with passengers.
  8. Illegal parking of vehicles.
  9. Use of drugs and alcohol.
  10. Use of mobile phone during driving and even by motorcyclist.
  11. Long driving without rest and sleep.
  12. Over speeding and rush driving
  13. Aggressive behaviour.
  14. Not using pedestrian crossing, if available.
  15. Wrong circulation in bad weather like rain, storm, snow or fog.
  16. Competitions at the public roads by young Motorcyclists and even big motor vehicle  users.
  17. Over loading of passengers by the public transports.
  18. Over loading and overhanging of luggage and goods than the specified limit.
  19. Use of cycles at the public roads by small children.
  20. Women not sitting on bikes according to proper position and their scattered “Dopta” (head-covering shaul) are the major cause of their injury/death.
  21. Proper baby seat is not used to carry the children.
  22. Use of High beam lights at night in city areas are the major cause of collision.
  23. Lights/indicators are not used according to the circumstances.
  24. Fog lights are not used in fog and disfavourable weather.
  25. Acoustic Signal (horn) are used always by each vehicle user and even pressure horn is the normal routine in city as well as intercity roads.

All the above misbehaviours shall be eradicated by SARSAL Road Safety Education with the help of provincial governments.

  1. First aid training at the scene of collision

At the time of death in a Road Accident the family,  relatives and colleagues of the victims weep/cry for a short time, police write a routine report and thus it is end of scene. How a real joke with the dead body and injured persons. The Most accidents are taken place due to human factor which are thousands in numbers but our society have no any information about these factors. We make responsible of such incidents the Vehicles or Roads but we never refer this liability to the stake holders who are actually responsible. Road users do not have any care of others and their own life due to lack of road safety training and first aid training, resultantly every day peoples are dying at the spot.
First aid is an important skill. By performing simple procedures and following certain guidelines, it may be possible to save lives by giving basic treatment until professional medical help arrives. We have arranged training of the citizens with coordination of medical specialists at different events and through this web-site ON-LINE.

  1. Books/material distribution


There is no proper road safety manual or test book for the information of common citizen nor sufficient material is available for the education of driver. The SARSAL Road Safety has prepared comprehensive course in Urdu and English language  covering all aspects of road users for his training to avoid road accidents. This manual book provide complete education to the drivers and Road Construction workers for their best training before coming on the road. This hand book also have general knowledge answers/questions for basic training test of a driver like other developed countries to change the behavior of road users and make him responsible while traveling on the road. Our team intend to drastically cut down the road accidents through this educational procedure within short span of time.

  1. Awareness campaigns through T.V and print media.

Media most arrange time losing political debates on TV/Radio which are creating aggressiveness, stress, depression and irresponsibility in the society. So Electronic and print media must give sufficient time/space for the safety of road user and introducing Road Safety Education in Pakistan which can save thousands lives with the cooperation of media.
As we work against, Diabetes Cancer, Sugar and Polio the road traffic accident is also a big disease which require high attention than the above diseases but we do not pay any attention and death/injured figure is increasing rapidly in the Society. It is the basic responsibility of electronic media to spend at least half an hour daily and print media to give sufficient space for giving awareness to decrease the road accident ratio in Pakistan but both groups are not taking such social and important liabilities. We are creating awareness within media groups to remind this important fact and we have also launch a special T.V/media campaigns to boost up the public for fighting against alarming deaths/injuries (especially our youngsters) on our roads throughout the country. 

  1. Mobile road safety Awareness Centers


Mobile awareness centers equipped with multimedia facilities handled by the professional road safety professors are required to be introduced to educate the public in different villages, small populations, schools, colleges, universities and various exhibition places which shall help to spread road safety education in far flung areas of the country as thousands of peoples are dying in rural areas on motorbike and local transports due to lack of awareness. Business community must come forward to help the society together with easy and vast advertising of their products during this particular campaign of Road Safety Education started by the SARSAL Road Safety.



Research and support

  1. Road Accident data base.


An effective computer-based accident data system using a standard police data collection form nationwide is one of the most important prerequisites for a country that hopes to improve its road safety problem. It permits the characteristics and nature of the problem to be defined and appropriate countermeasures to be devised. Where accidents occur? when accidents occur? who was involved? what was the result of the collision? what were the environmental conditions? and how did the collision occur? are those questions which required to be studied in-depth by policy makers. But  it is not possible to draft a policy or guideline without availability of exact data base or figure. SARSAL Road Safety has framed a very accurate policy in this sector as to help the government to gather accurate data of road accident victims from all over the country.

  1. New School Transport introduction.


Introduction of New Transportation System for School Going Children is also need of the day for which many national and international Investors are ready to come forward but before calling anybody to invest we have to change the behaviours of our aggressive users on the roads.
Children are our future flowers but these flowers have become thorny. See this situation at the start and end of school time. All over the world there is a proper approved/registered private Children Transport who has to follow the plane given by the Government. Unfortunately in Pakistan, our children which are our future are stuffed  in small vans just like  coneflowers bringing from Fruit Market.  How marvelous!.  Similarly, if there are 10 seats in vehicles, about 30 to 40 children aging between 3 to 10 are stuffed in such vehicles which is a drastic treatment to small children by private transporters who are paid heavy amount of money.  About 5 to 15 thousands rupees per months are paid by the parents for pick and drop and not for doing this crucial behavior with their children but parents have no alternative of the same. Even UNICEF the biggest institute of U.N especially for the children has not thought about horrible dimension of Pakistani children putting at risk on roads twice a day. Law enforcement agencies have closed their eyes to this crime by the transporters.  SARSAL Road Safety established a proper plane to help the government of Pakistan and society to replace the crucial system with new one.


  1. Cycling and walking events

Cycling is the most popular recreational activity in the world and one of the easiest way to fit exercise into your daily routine and it is also a form of transport. It saves your money, gets you fit and it is best way to build your cardiovascular fitness but the most best benefits of the cycling is to  discourage vehicle use to travel at a short distance. Cycling and walking events are conducted in developed countries to encourage the general public to participate in Road Safety activities. SARSAL Road Safety is arranging  such events with the collaboration of local authorities in Pakistan.  


  1. Environmental pollution due to vehicle

Motor vehicles are significant sources of pollution that can damage the environment and pose public health issues. Everyone has a stake in limiting pollution. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons are released when fuel is burned in an internal combustion engine and when air/fuel residuals are emitted through the vehicle tailpipe. Gasoline vapors also escape into the atmosphere during refueling and when fuel vaporizes from engines and fuel systems caused by vehicle operation or hot weather. The pollutants in vehicle emissions are known to damage lung tissue, and can lead to and aggravate respiratory diseases, such as asthma. Motor vehicle pollution also contributes to the formation of acid rain and adds to the greenhouse gases that cause climate change.
None conducting of proper technical vehicle test periodically by the Government of Pakistan is too major cause of environmental pollution and road accidents due to mechanical problems. Each and every motor vehicle circulating within the territory of Pakistan on the roads must have a fitness test. This practice will be a main source of income for the government together with the security of users. The SARSAL Road Safety helps the government to overcome the environmental pollution with the emergent of new road safety plane.

  1. Pin-pointing illegal encroachments on the roads.


Illegal encroachment is also a major cause of accident. The foot paths in urban areas along the roads have been occupied by the Shopkeepers/Traders and thus pedestrians are compelled to walk on the roads and resultantly collisions take place.  The Law enforcement agencies and respective municipal authorities despite observing everything are silent in this respect. There is need to take action against all such elements to save the life of common road users.


  1. Space for disabled road users.

Disable and handicapped persons are the part and parcel of our society and they have the right of way on public road, so developed countries had given them proper rights on the roads.  We must also have responsibility to allocate them separate tracks to walk/ride on the road and separate parking areas on different commercial centers to park their vehicles together with certain other grants. We take responsibility for the advocacy of the disable persons to grant them their right of way on the public roads.

  1. International conference arrangements


Road Accident is the leading cause of death globally for children and young people aged between 10 to 24 years, and the third leading cause of death globally among people aged between 30 to 44 years. Every six seconds someone is killed or injured on the world’s roads, including drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. (According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States). Remembrance services and flower-laying ceremonies are held in memory of dead road victims around the world. SARSAL Road Safety celebrates all such days as declared by the UNO, WHO and government of Pakistan which include media campaigns and coverage; information distribution via the internet, posters and leaflets; DVD presentations on road traffic crashes; advocacy messages from Pakistani and world leaders; moments of silence; seminars and workshops.

  1. importing Road Safety equipment’s


Road Safety Education has recently been promoted in developing countries, so Child restraints, Helmets, Triangles, first aid box, signals to signalize the overhang goods and other important equipment’s have deficiency in the country. We  help the government and private sector to import such equipment on very cheap price from developed countries i.e Europe, UK, Canada, USA and China and we also encourage the local as well as international businessman to promote industry of road safety equipment’s in the country.



Advocacy and planning

  1. UNO, WHO, World Bank, EU and ADB policy implementation.


Each year nearly 1.3 million people die as a result of a road traffic collision i.e 3400 deaths each day and more than half of these people are not travelling in a car. Twenty to fifty million more peoples sustain non-fatal injuries from a collision, and these injuries are an important cause of disability worldwide. Ninety percent of road traffic deaths occur in low and middle income countries, which claim less than half the world’s registered vehicle fleet. Road traffic injuries are among the three leading cause of death for peoples between 5 and 44 years of age. With the development of transport sector and frequent fleet of vehicles on public roads day by day there is an urgent need of road safety education and research center in the country to evaluate the Road safety policy effectively by the researchers, law makers, doctors, engineers, professors, lawyers, traffic police, psychologist, analyst and other related individuals/organizations. SARSAL Road Safety is being established such center in Islamabad as per International Stander with its branch offices in all the provinces to provide access and data free of cost to above said policy makers so that Road Safety Education and Research could be developed in the country. Our organization is planning for training of 10,000 (ten thousand) Road Safety Professors at the initial stage with international road safety knowledge so that the nation could be aware of magnitude road accident problems as early as possible. Then trainees figure is required to be enhanced annually.

  1. Transfer of new road safety knowledge from Europe to Pakistan.


SARSAL Road Safety is committed to transfer modern Road Safety techniques   from Europe to Pakistan to update the Pakistani nation with modern road safety  knowledge  as adopted time to time by the developed world to avoid the mortalities, injures and disabilities in Road Traffic Accidents.  We wish to provide a new, fast and cheap, plan according to the international road safety measures adopted by the developed world to educate the society which drastically cut down the accident ratio in Pakistan.

  1. Road safety policy making for Pakistan


SARSAL Road Safety has tackled the root causes of road accidents in Pakistan, a global scourge characteristic of our technological era, whose list of victims insidiously grows longer day by day. How many people die or are injured? How many families have found themselves mourning? There is no proper law in Pakistan passed by the parliament about road safety policy or its education. We have drafted  a proper Road Safety Policy/law as of other developed countries. We also create awareness among public to implement road safety laws as per international stander.

  1. Legal add to Road accident victims/families.


Most of the road accident victims and their relatives have not sufficient resources for trial their cases in the respective courts of law. While some overseas Pakistanis  died/injured in Road Accident in foreign countries especially in Arab countries have to much problem to shift their dead bodies in Pakistan and their also a problem of their insurance claim due to prolonged diplomatic channels. We have our own legal forum which  provides free of cost legal support for trial and to solve all such problems.

  1. Free Insurance Advice of Motor Vehicles.


An accident is a worrying thought, so it’s important to be properly covered so that in the event that something happens,  the victims is able to handle the economic damage. Every registered vehicle, whether it's a car, truck, or a motorcycle is required to have compulsory third party (CTP) insurance which provides compensation. Insurance Policy for Motor vehicle has not yet declared  obligatory in Pakistan and there is also no mechanism to shift an out of order vehicle from public road to workshop which is a great hardship for user,  ultimately the user has to tow his vehicle with any other private vehicle not specified for this purpose which creates further collisions.  In other countries insurance companies do this job.  The government must introduce the Insurance of Motor Vehicles in Pakistan with the help of cheap Insurance Companies which will be the most secured plan for the user to carry his out of order vehicle to Workshop together with major source of income for the government. Our organization provide free of cost insurance advice on very cheap price through official insurance channel i.e Estate Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan as well as other national/international insurance companies/groups working in the country.

  1. Engineering support in Road Construction


Being a representative of vulnerable groups, the SARSAL road safety provide its advocacy/engineering supports to the Road Construction Companies    in the following major flaws/errors which cause thousands of mortalities of innocent citizens  on the public roads.

  1. Road construction companies do not take into account the right of the passage of pedestrians, cyclists, wheel chair persons, hand cart, disabled persons, Animals or animal traction vehicles. They do not construct the hard shoulder (border) of the road as per the standardized laws for circulation of above said vulnerable users  while constructing the roads, so these users are compel to circulate on the road where collision take place and thousands of vulnerable users are being died or injured. Who is responsible to tell the private contractor about these major and deep-seated flaws?  We always speak for their right of way on the roads.
  2. Road construction companies in Pakistan are constructing overhead bridges in urban and inter-urban roads to facilitate  pedestrians to cross the roads, but imagine how an old man, women carrying baby, disabled, blind man or hand cart or cyclists can go up to 30/35 stairs up and then down. This practice is only loss of immense funding. There is a much better and less costly system in other countries where marked pedestrian crossings equipped with traffic lights can be introduced at every 500/600 meters by setting the traffic lights time in coordination with the  flow of the vehicles at the road.
  3. Road Construction companies receive huge funding from the government but they do not marks the broken and continue lines, arrow or even border of road is not separated from the road with any such line and thus vulnerable road users are become victim of collision due to this error of Construction Company.
  4. Proper vertical signals to pass on the different messages to road users regarding danger, forbidden, obligation and indication are not displayed at the required places to grant security or traffic flow to the users. At most places in Pakistan even in Islamabad (the capital city) definition of these signals is wrong or opposite according to international definition for which user (especially foreigners, international visitors, Embassy’s staff) become confused and distracted, resultantly accident takes place.
  5.  No proper safety measures are adopted by Road Constructing Companies while shifting their heavy machines from one place to another which also causes hardships and major risk for the other road users. There are most of the companies whose workers not undergo the proper training of Road Construction and shifting of their machinery but these companies receive contract after contract on the basis of political connections. This practice required to be eliminate forthwith.