• To run Road Safety Educational information and awareness campaigns on speed as a risk factor, alcohol and toxic drugs while circulating on the roads and to make awareness on the correct use of child restraint systems, seat belt and helmet.
  • To coordinate with the Road Construction companies and relevant departments for  giving proper space on the road to pedestrians, old citizens, cyclists and disable persons to save the life of vulnerable groups and allocate proper space on the roads for public transports to avoid difficulties to the common citizens.


  • To propose the government to adopt new road safety techniques as adopted by other developed countries and to help the government to import modern Road Safety Knowledge from Europe to Pakistan through proper channels and to arrange Professors of Road Safety Education by giving them proper road safety training in our Institute.
  • To establish a Road Safety Institute and Research Center/Bureau where proper  data base of Road Accidents, deaths, injuries and disabilities shall be collected from hospitals/traffic department and Police station for research on road accidents through experts of data analysts.


  • There are thousands of elements other than vehicles on the road which are increasing hardships in road safety and increase accident ratio. Our Association shall collect the data and shall help the local authorities to remove such hindrances which are problems for common citizens as per road safety point of view.
  • To use electronic and print media for the promotion of Road Safety Knowledge in the society and to promote the celebration of the Worldwide Road Safety Days and Traffic Accident Victims, framed by UNO_WHO and other international Organizations.


  • To organize periodical exhibitions by inviting direct accident victims and their relatives to generate awareness process within the people about the bad social/economic impacts of Road Traffic Accidents on society.
  • To arrange Special Educational Programmes/seminars with the help of Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Municipal Corporation to create awareness about increasing accidents among the risk groups - children, young peoples, elderly and people with reduced mobility.


  • We shall ensure participation of public, private and social agents to control the accident and to support those affected by traffic accidents and their relatives/families.
  • To promote the knowledge in public concerning the accident rate of pedestrians and their mobility and use of the bicycle as an efficient mode of transport. Similarly we shall improve the skills and attitudes of cyclists and other users through different Educational channels and also to increase knowledge concerning accident rate of motorcyclists and their mobility. Although walking is very beneficial for health and the environment and especially practical for old people and children.  Pedestrians are much more vulnerable to accidents than other road users we have to take care of them.


  • To Establish Road Safety Education  Schools where the Road Safety knowledge shall be given to peoples through professors/specialists of Road Safety Education.
  • To Establish “Mobile Road Safety Awareness Centers” on automobiles/lorries which shall equipped with multimedia and computerized system together with a Road Safety Education Experts. The said automobile shall ply round the day at different places for arranging short Road Safety Lectures at public places with prior approval of the concerned authority in city areas and villages.


  • To organize Road Safety events, seminars, exhibitions i.e cycle and walk racing by giving gifts to winning ones so that a promotion of Road Safety Education  could be enhanced amongst the peoples and children. To seek the data of Accident victims (death –injury-disability) from different Organizations already working on Road Safety.
  • To built up an opinion amongst the government that their should be a proper legislation of Road Traffic law to give right of way to all road users and even animals traveling on the roads. The law is required to be passed by the parliament as per practice of other European countries, so our association shall help the government to draft a proper road traffic law through parliament. There should also be a proper law to help the poor family members whose bread winner have been died in Road Accidents.


  • Teachers and parents can teach children about road safety as    pedestrians (learning by doing). But children should have some formal training on basic traffic rules before they're allowed to cycle on the road.  Every day millions of children need to displace from home to schools. It is clear that on their way to and from school, there is a potential risk for children to be involved in an accident. This displacement is being made through different modes: private cars, school transport, and public transport, walking and cycling. Our Association shall promote awareness in the children , their parents and school staff  as to what are the safer modes of travel for children. 
  • Elderly drivers are more likely to hurt themselves than to put others at risk. The fatality rate for drivers over 60 years age is more than five times higher than the average and their injury rate is twice as high. This higher vulnerability is due to the reduced physical abilities of older drivers (i.e. diminished eyesight and hearing, slower reaction time) and less day-to-day experience on the roads. This group of road users is also required to be educated by our Association.


  • Tiredness and speeding are common causes of accidents among drivers of Lorries, Coaches and Company cars, drivers of Special vehicles, agricultural vehicles and animal traction vehicles. All these users are required to be educated.


  • Train is also an important mode of travel by the peoples/Tourists in Pakistan and the public always tried to catch the fast train for reaching on destination. Many train collision had been taken place in the past in which hundreds of peoples had died in one go for which whole the nation was sad many times. We have to educate the train/tram/metro staff and users to avoid serious accidents on this sector.


Mazhar Hussain Raja
President SARSAL Road Safety